Breakthrough – Russ Parker

Sometimes people in prayer for a church or community seem to hit a glass ceiling – things go fine, but there isn’t real breakthrough.  Here is an opportunity to find out one of the powerful causes – past history of people and community.

Russ Parker was Director of Acorn Christian Healing Foundation for 18 years, as well as having ministered in parishes – and has written many books in the area of healing and forgiveness and blessing.  He is coming to the Highlands to speak at the end of the month.  He has many well-told stories from life of how situations have been turned around through forgiveness of personal or local history.

April Filling Stn 17.jpeg


If for any reason you are unfortunately unable to be there – or hear the talk and want to benefit from more of his message and lifetime’s experience, there is an excellent video on youtube – the one video containing a series of sessions at a day for clergy, all about transforming communities, “Transfiguring our past and future”.  Russ begins speaking 8 minutes in – (there is a lovely opening reading and prayer by Canon Amiel Osmaston).  The whole video is nearly 3 hours because it is a whole day, compacted.  Right at the start, it explains where each session begins and ends.  It is transforming.


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