The Latin word for connection is ‘ligio’.. and from it we get words like ligament that are used to explain how a body and it’s framework are held together, mutually supporting eachother.

We also get the the word ‘religion’ from re-ligio from this concept of being bound together in one body with Christ at the head…. re-ligio… re:connect.

This site is about re:connect.

re:connect is all about connecting or re-connecting with the person of Jesus Christ, the risen saviour, the son of God.

It is about developing a deep and intimate personal relationship with Him.

It is about being transformed into His likeness, so that when we look at one-another we see Jesus.  Recognising Christ in people, and calling out that best in each one of us.

It is about our personal and community connection with God… and our on-going journey into Him.

And I invite you to come along and join with me, together re:connecting with the creator and source of life.

AWG, July 2013

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