Jamming with the Brothers

Last night, there was a fantastic programme on late night BBC about a small group of 5 men who are saving lives, renovating a derelict church and restoring it to the small community in a multi-faith city – “Bronx to Bradford: Friars on a Mission”.  The Franciscan Friars do it all with down to earth grace and good humour.

Two of the brothers relax after a tough day being patient and giving out to others, by a musical jam.  Their enthusiastic response to music is instantly recognisable to anyone who is a musician.  Later, in another clip, we get to see them using music in the Service for the Lord…. as they sing/pray within the old church. Absolutely wonderful.  Great intercession.

The whole programme is viewable at BBC i-player for the next month http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08mk2tv/bronx-to-bradford-friars-on-a-mission?suggid=b08mk2tv


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