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Am I creative?

    This video answers with the now well-known Biblical point that since God is creative and made mankind in his image – then yes, each human is creative.  While this video is good news for artists who are Christian, … Continue reading

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Gardens as a place to reconnect

Appropriately, for this blog titled reconnected-place, there is good news about spaces to reconnect with God through nature: the Quiet Gardens Movement.  Very generous people have recognised that space in nature can be a wonderful place to ‘read’ God’s mystery … Continue reading

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What next after Church?

Steve Aisthorpe is interviewed on this Nomad Podcast – starting at 8 minutes into the podcast. Steve is interviewed on the research done by the Church of Scotland on people who have left Church but still consider themselves to be … Continue reading

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Church-leavers’ viewpoints – a gift to the church?

A secondhand copy of Alan Jamieson “A Churchless Faith – Faith Journeys beyond the Churches” (2002) has just thudded onto our doormat, and is being read with sighs of recognition and interest. This is an extensive survey of people in New Zealand who … Continue reading

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The Final Question: “Did you learn to love?”

What if, when you die, God asks you one question about your life and it is this: “Did you learn to love?” This was a throwaway line by prophet Bob Jones, in a video interview with Mahesh Chavda – but … Continue reading

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Where is the chew in church?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to go to a church meeting where, after an opening song, the pastor announced that the congregation would be writing the sermon? I think that would get most people’s attention.  The idea is that the congregation … Continue reading

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BILL VIOLA – “I’m going to say what it really means, what it is to me”

In this 28 minute interview, Bill Viola, the well-known video artist, talks about his practice and life. It’s wholly appropriate to have a artist in this medium explain himself through the same medium, video.  In fact, he found out the … Continue reading

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