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The Final Question: “Did you learn to love?”

What if, when you die, God asks you one question about your life and it is this: “Did you learn to love?” This was a throwaway line by prophet Bob Jones, in a video interview with Mahesh Chavda – but … Continue reading

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Where is the chew in church?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to go to a church meeting where, after an opening song, the pastor announced that the congregation would be writing the sermon? I think that would get most people’s attention.  The idea is that the congregation … Continue reading

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BILL VIOLA – “I’m going to say what it really means, what it is to me”

In this 28 minute interview, Bill Viola, the well-known video artist, talks about his practice and life. It’s wholly appropriate to have a artist in this medium explain himself through the same medium, video.  In fact, he found out the … Continue reading

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Found in Translation

Randomly, in my bookshelves, I re-encountered “Subversive Spirituality” a book by Eugene Peterson – best known for his translation of the Bible into modern-day (American) speech: The Message translation. While being a pastor, Eugene had spent a year on translating … Continue reading

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5 Reasons people don’t go to church

“Why my friends don’t go to church”, Madeleine Davis presents her findings at Greenbelt. Video. Continue reading

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Contemporary Art in St Paul’s Cathedral

Bill viola and Kia Perov see their new video installation in the church which commissioned it: St Paul’s Cathedral. They reflect on the experience of making.
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John Piper: One third of the Bible is Poetry

John Piper on why one third of the bible is poetry; also a link to his sermon on George Herbert Continue reading

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