Gardens as a place to reconnect

Appropriately, for this blog titled reconnected-place, there is good news about spaces to reconnect with God through nature: the Quiet Gardens Movement.  Very generous people have recognised that space in nature can be a wonderful place to ‘read’ God’s mystery in the soundless words that creation speaks about its Creator – and provided garden areas for others.

“The natural environment of gardens with their mixture of tending, cultivating and sanctified neglect, are places that draw me into the heart of God. They are places where I can dwell deeply, through being in the slip-stream of prayer, contemplation and renewal, and find life again in all of its abundance. Through the work of the Quiet Garden Movement, I pray that this will also be true for many other people, and I remain grateful to those who open their gardens so that others can slow down and rest in God’s abundant love in Jesus.”

The Rt Revd Graham Usher – Bishop of Dudley

Find out more about spaces set aside for prayer and contemplation, through the Quiet Gardens Movement at


Many of the gardens are in England, but there are also some across the world.  On the website, you can find out if there’s one near you.

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