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Fashion Design from faith

Hong Kong designers who design from a heavenly perspective, from faith, featured in “The Still Point” response to T S Eliot’s “4 Quartets” poetry Continue reading

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Not relevance but resonance

Mark Oakley’s speaks about the links between faith and poetry and his book “The splash of Faith: Believing in Poetry” Continue reading

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“Atheists don’t have no songs”

Steve Martin: “Religious people have such beautiful music and art, and atheists really have nothing…… until now.”   This is a lovely list song – lyrics made up of a list of categories – in this case, faiths.  Sung with … Continue reading

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Answering Big Questions in Life

Why is there suffering?  Is Jesus God or God Jesus? How do you know that God loves everyone? These honest questions are not simple.  But from the Christian community, the Zacharias Trust and Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics come some … Continue reading

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Just Do it

One of my favourite book titles – ever – is “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. Now along comes a jewellery maker (Crowning Jewels), who makes pieces inspired by words and promises of God – to remind the wearer of … Continue reading

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Art, faith and Refugees

  This installation “flight” hangs from the roof of St James’ church, with 3 forlorn lifebelts inside it. Installed over the Christmas period, the three lifejackets evoke the flight of the Holy Family to Egypt and ask the viewer to … Continue reading

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Songwriting as community

This is a video showing the making of a Bethel album behind the scenes. It begins with Jenn Johnson, songwriter, explaining: “This was a really communal event, based out of just friends – so all of our friends helped, so the … Continue reading

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Faith is….

Some thoughts of John 3… “If we are to be born again, its will not be enough to look as a spectator at the outside event, but we need a kind of insight to see inside it, and that insight … Continue reading

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