SoL 8a: Curator’s Note

Picture number 8 is called “A Second Chance” and refers to the reconciliation and recommissioning between peter and his friend, Jesus. And the pottery there is of a type called Kintsugi, which is a Japanese way of mending crockery which has been broken.   the broken pieces are put together with some gold in it, which gives a beautiful decorative line and once that has been done, as with the teapot and the cup which you’re seeing, they are usable again.

This particular work and image were by Kirsty Kerr, and they were in an exhibition in a London gallery called the Husk – and she’s kindly letting us have this image to show.

In an email, she wrote that she was particularly pleased that this photograph was going to be shown in another café setting, just as the original work was.

It’s accompanied by a poem, “Cupped” by the writer Chris Goan, which he reads himself.