Sol 3a: Curator’s Note

Picture number 3 shows Mary Magdalene – it’s a photograph of a sculpture by Doreen Hinder. It’s actually a photo of a very fragile sculpture which you can see in Inverness Cathedral. Doreen was a retired priest and latterly decided to take up sculpture. She decided to make this particular sculpture representing Mary Magdalene reaching after the risen Christ – and he is the figure on the left, turning round. Doreen’s sculpture teacher took her to task about the figure of Christ – and said “why are this man’s feet walking in one direction, yet he’s twisting round to look at this person behind him?” And Doreen said, “Because it’s Christ and he would never turn his back on someone else in need.”


We’re grateful for Geoff Hinder, Doreen’s husband, for giving us permission to use this photograph in the exhibition.