Sol 1a: Curator’s note

Curator’s note:

Welcome to “Signs of Life” exhibition – I’m Heather Gregg and I curated it for St Andrew’s and St George’s West.


You will find that the whole exhibition runs in number order, to lead you through the order of the first Easter story.


So we begin with number one which is at the left hand side of the main entrance to the church.


It’s a very tall figure of light. This photo was made by Michael Taylor, and we’re grateful that Michael gave us permission to use this picture. He made it as part of a series of projects on light, with some friends acting as models.


When you’re looking at the picture, you can read it either as a figure with light radiating out from him or possibly even as an angel and the light as being like its wings. Either way, the start of the story of resurrection is about both Christ in light and glory, being changed into life from death – and there are also many angels in the story as well.