SoL 11a: Story of the Picture

Curator’s comment:

Picture number 11 is the last picture in this exhibition – before going to it, you might want to just have a look at more of the photographs and pictures in the café, because they are on the theme of life, new life, resurrection and hope. And you might like to take a few moments to look around those.

Number 11 is at the main entrance into the church, so if you go round to that, you will find yourself in front of the large banner on the righthand side of the main door. This picture was painted by Jacob Daniels, and the story of how it was made and how it influenced other people’s lives is told in a podcast – Makers and Mystics podcast – where the wife Melina, of Jacob, speaks about the impact of the picture. She’s being interviewed by the presenter of the podcast, whose name is Stephen Roach.