The Final Question: “Did you learn to love?”

What if, when you die, God asks you one question about your life and it is this: “Did you learn to love?”

This was a throwaway line by prophet Bob Jones, in a video interview with Mahesh Chavda – but for me, it is THE line for today.  Bob was recounting how at one point he physically died .  “When I went to the Lord in death, He asked the saints that went in before me one question – that’s all He’ll ask you, when you go home, is:

“Did you learn to love?”

“If you’ve learned to love, then you’ve fulfilled everything He wanted you to do.”

I’m thinking that possibly the best way to answer that huge question, looking back over all our life, is to be asking it of ourselves, daily.  Letting it become part of life.  The motivation in every situation.  “How can I learn to love in this?”  “What would love do?”  “What is the loving thing to do, today?”

It goes to the heart of it all.  Because it’s not just what you’re doing right on the outside – it’s your motivation, your thinking, your ‘angle’.  In the 1980s there was a pop song “It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it”…

So there we have it: a question (if not THE question) for today and for life.

What’s our answer?

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