5 Reasons people don’t go to church

There’s a great deal of interest and research about why people don’t go to church – this presenter at Greenbelt asked her friends to give their personal reasons, anonymously.  Here, she reads out the results.  Here are the honest thoughts of real people, worth listening to.

Offputting things included: flags, overstrong orange juice, never getting to be Mary in nativity play, church locked the doors at the back of the building during the service, they don’t believe in God or Jesus, they felt they had to believe before they went, they enjoyed the peace but felt it would be hypocritical to go as they didn’t attend Sunday service, they didn’t want to go on their own (one vicar arranges for people to meet newcomers from local train station and walk with them to church), can’t find somewhere they feel at home (she suggest shop around), they feel rejected by the church because they’re gay, when they asked questions in church growing up they got fobbed off……



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