Old to new

Worship – for those who love the rich wordings of old hymns, but who want to use 21st century music styles to engage a modern audience, there are some exciting new arrangements which combine both.  For example, one old and much-loved hymn: “Fairest Lord Jesus”.

Harmony Smith over on Vineyard Records on “The Feast EP” have made a beautiful reworking which brings out every word of the worshipful lyrics.  Well worth a listen at:


In a different style, from Tommy Walker‘s CD “Generations Hymn Live”, a huge choir sings the hymn with added lyrics.


Garage Hymnal sing with the paraphernalia of a rock band, and change the melody greatly, adding a (reworded) part of another hymn at the end, but there is no doubting they are in tune with the feeling of the original song, as they sing:


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