Who is this?

Reminder of the Mystery.  Truth-speaker.  Great bridge-builder.  The space of love between everything. Inherent victory.  The welcoming within.


These are just a few of the descriptions which Father Richard Rohr has used to describe the Holy Spirit.  He wrote them when he went on a retreat as he turned 65 years old (what a great idea for a birthday celebration) – and during this time, wrote 65 descriptions of the Holy Spirit.

I heard him read these out, in a sermon on Pentecost Sunday, as part of his podcast series “Homilies“, this one on Pentecost Sunday., 4th June 2017.  If you listen to the podcast, you can hear him introduce and read them out, in his deep, calming voice which invites meditation. (Personal note: his voice in audiobooks and recorded talks is a great calmer if you are feeling a little unsettled or anxious – and yet what he says also gently stirs deeper questions and responses)

“The Holy Spirit is not something to be believed intellectually – it must be experienced as a dynamic flow of life and love through your very body.”

– Fr Richard Rohr

He also observes that all the images in the Bible of the Holy Spirit are movement – descending dove, fire, flowing water, wind…..

Here are a few of the phrases he used to describe the Holy Spirit, which he invited those listening to consider which ones rang true in their own experience:

Pure gift of God

indwelling presence

promise of the Father

eternal praise

inner defence-attorney

inner anointing

reminder of the mystery

homing device ticking away inside of you guiding you home

implanted peace-maker

overcomer of the gap

magnetic centre, God compass

inner breath


divine DNA, given glory

hidden love of God

implanted hope

seething desire

fire of live and love

sacred pacemeaker

the non-violence of God

seal of the incarnation

the firstfruits of everything

father and mother of orphans


God’s secret plan

great bridge-builder

warmer of hearts

the space of love between everything

flowing water, wind of change

descending dove, cloud of unknowing

and cloud of knowing

uncreated grace

deepest level of our longing

attentive heart

sacred wounding

holy healing

softener of our spirit

great compassion

generosity of God

inherent victory

the universal sadness

the universal joy

God’s tears, God’s happiness

the welcoming within

the new and eternal covenant

the covenant written in our hearts

jealous lover

holy Spirit, you who are the desiring of God and have chosen to live within each one of us.


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