Thought for the day – from a wee shap in Glasgow

Herewith, the lesson o’ the day from ma pal, Keith, who works in a shap in Glasgow (and writes in Doric):

17991891_10155010402347787_6318529858797792955_n.jpgWe hae a regular customer that comes intae oor wurk practically a’day, wha’s name’s Andy.

Andy is mair kent as th’ “is everybody happy?” guy, as that is whit he shouts a’time he comes intae th’ shop an’ practically aw th’ way aroun’ it while he dus his shoppin’. Andy is quite an individual – he’s like Marmite – ye either like him or ye dinnae. Fowks tend tae judge him as he’s quite unique in his appearance, but only judge him frae th’ view ahin’ th’ bars o’ their ain cell. Ah‘ve got a lot o’ time fur him as he’s a pleasant soul.

Sae Andy likes tae spend his mornin’s doon th’ road a bit frae ma wurk at Costa Coffee enjoyin’ shoutin” “is everybody happy?” at th’ passers by wi’ a coffee in his hon, tae kind responses, nasty responses or nae response at aw, dependin’ oan wha’s passin’ by.

Sae when’er he eventually comes in fur his shoppin’ or his lottery we ayways hae a bit o’ an interaction which usually gaes tongue in cheek “did ye buy me a coffee th’day?..- naw? Ya selfish bam ye”.

Andy sed tae me th’ ither day “ye’ll be waitin’ forever fur a coffee fae me big man!”, followed by a smile an’ his endearin’ laughter. Tae which, if Ah’m honest, Ah thoucht wis actually true, e’en though oor banter wis just tongue in cheek.

Sae whit a shock Ah got when Andy comes in th’ day an’ efter years o’ ribbin’ him fur a coffee he smiles an’ hons me a cup o’ hot cappuccino.

If Andy wis tae pass awa th’morrah maist fowks wis min’ him as th’ “is everybody happy?” guy – how wull YOU be remembered?…

Daddy telt me twa hings th’day – 1: Ah wis wrang tae judge Andy (which Ah apologised fur) & 2: If ye spend years chippin’ awa at a massive boulder eventually it wull crack. 😉

Thenk ye Faither fur ma gift an’ fur valuable lessons learned. 😊


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