Some photos of Day 2 “Watch with me” exhibition

The View on entering the Cathedral by main door or side entrance by riverbank:


The Easter exhibition is just about visible at the left of the picture, as a series of white screens with pictures thereon.

(You can glimpse that there are pews at opposite corners of the exhibition, where visitors can  sit and spend time with the works)
The painting facing you, of the archway is, appropriately enough, called “Access”.
Looking from the other end of the exhibition, towards the main body of the church you see the photo “Cross Light” by Hilary Lacroix and a partial view of the projection of the Pieta from Nicholas Mynheer.  Usually, the Pieta shows Mary holding the broken body of Christ her son after he has been taken down from the cross – but here, Nicholas Mynheer poignantly shows Mary embracing Christ as a small child, perhaps her memory of him.
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