Sponsor an apple pie – Inverness Street Pastors

Did you know 340 million tonnes of ‘ugly fruit’ is dumped by producers every year in the EU as super markets look to have perfect fruit on their shelves?… ugly fruit are odd shapes and weird sizes and spotty… not ‘air brushed’ perfection where only those with no blemishes and the perfectly proportioned get presented.

In thinking about the ugly fruit I started to reflect how our society can discard its own ugly fruit – people who do not fit in. ‘Unacceptable’ people, addicted, sick, lost and broken… they don’t fit in this ‘perfection’ oriented culture.

This challenges me, and I want to do something about it… and I need to ask you for your help… I want you to help me raise some funds to support Inverness Street Pastors.


Some of the Fruit

Recently I’ve been given some fruit (apples) that would never make it on to supermarket shelves…

The fantastic thing about these fruit is that they are ABSOLUTELY delicious!  They have grown on the tree until they were full of natural sugars… the ugly fruit can taste the BEST!

and I’m going to make apple pies out of these fruit…

apple pies that celebrate the so called ugly fruit…


Tart aux Pommes baked for last years ‘Taste and see’ preach at Kings Fellowship

then I’m going to auction these pies to fund people who work daily on the streets of our city who care for and love those lost, broken and addicted – Inverness Street Pastors…

So I’m putting together an auction for the apple pies as a fund raiser on ebay (local pickup only)

All proceeds from the ebay auction will go to Inverness Street Pastors – to fund their work… to go out on the streets to show love and care for all in society but especially those who are in the most need of love and care.

If  biding on the ebay auction is not your cup of tea – you can make a donation with your mobile phone…

Simply text “PAST07 1”  or “PAST07 5” or “PAST07 10” to 70070 to donate £1, £5 or £10 to Inverness Street Pastors

Want to know more?

The ebay listing is found HERE.

Inverness Street Pastors can be found on Facebook HERE.

and finally Here is a video an inspired use of ‘Ugly Fruit’ in a french supermarket chain put ugly fruit on the shelves… and how their customers responded…


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