The Sounds of the Universe

This month (September 2014) I was part of a missions team in Albania.

I spent much of my time there playing percussion with children and with adults, having great fun.

Mostly we played out in the open air enjoying the warm Albanian days… singing, shouting, dancing.  Freely worshiping… and our music and shouts echoed around the valleys and villages.


By the end of the trip the Cajon I had brought along was covered in Albanian words and phrases… words and phrases of hope, of freedom, or worship to God.

As the drum was being played the resonation of the drum passes through these words… and are echoed in the surrounding area… and that is my prayer… that these words, these declarations of the love of God for the people in the area would sing praise back to God…

A bit too whacky? Well it does say in scripture that if we failed to praise God that the very stones would cry out in worship…

And I was reminded of this Louie Giglio video on YouTube… that talked about Nature Praising God… enjoy…

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