Creating a Culture of Prayer – Jim Stern – Onething Leadership Summit

Jim Stern shares at the IHOP OneThing Leadership Summit on the needs to create a Culture of Prayer in the local church… this is a radical call to put prayer central to the ‘being’ of church.  Here is just some of what he says:

“I believe that there is a way forward in these times for God to raise up vibrant congregations that have more than just a department that prays, more than just a small prayer group but actually has a culture of prayer as the centrepiece of local church body life.”

“When I read Ephesians Chapter 4, I think the Pastor’s job description gets really clear: the role of the Pastor is to connect the Body to the Head.  It’s to raise up a people that are connected to the Head, Christ Jesus – NOT to be Dr Phil and try and fix everybody’s problems.”

“I am terrified of the fact that we serve a guy that intentionally made a whip to rearrange local church to get it to look more like he wanted to… we can set up the furniture however we want, but when the Master and Creator of the heavens and the Earth forms a whip for our House, He’s going to rearrange it however He wants it to be rearranged.”

“I believe that the Body of Christ is an unreached people group in the area of prayer.”

“Don’t waste too much time trying to convince a non-hungry person to move in this direction when there are so many more that are hungering for this reality.”


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