Faith is….

Some thoughts of John 3…
“If we are to be born again, its will not be enough to look as a spectator at the outside event, but we need a kind of insight to see inside it, and that insight is called FAITH.

Faith is a complex and beautiful word, but often misunderstood, as for example by the school boy who wrote in his exam “faith is trying to believe what you know is not true”… The boy was right to this extent, that if you try to believe you will only end up with what you know in your heart to be false. BUT he is fundamentally wrong in that faith is not trying to believe anything.

Faith is being grasped by a truth which confronts you and which is self evident and overwhelming, and trusting yourself to the reality which you now see.”

From “Water into Wine” by Stephen Verney.

On reflecting on “belief” and “faith” this morning…

Faith is engaged – not a spectator to events… It is participative.

Faith is relational – it depends on relationship with a person – Jesus, over the knowledge of facts.

Faith is passionate – it consumes… It consumes doubt, worry, fear… It embraces peace, love, joy.

Faith is prophetic – it sees the truth beyond the present circumstances, or reality.

Faith is sure – “I will never be shaken” ps62


Today build your faith, embrace Jesus with all your strength, passion… Know Him up close and personally…

Then… As he shares the fathers heart, as you listen to the Fathers voice…

If you have Faith even the size of a mustard seed you will be able to tell this mountain to go and throw itself into the depths of the sea… AND IT WILL DO IT!

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