Water into Wine – Stephen Verney

Water into Wine, An Introduction to John’s Gospel by Stephen Verney

waterintowineOver the last couple of years this excellent little book has been my companion each time I have read the gospel of John.

John’s gospel was written over 40 years after Jesus ministry on earth.  John had a long time to reflect and contemplate those intense 3 years, the depth and meaning of that time with Jesus.  And so what is written in John’s gospel is less of a ‘just the facts’ witness statement and more a sharing of the substance of the message, and person of Jesus.

Stephen Verneys Water into Wine is a real help in getting to grips with St John.  It communicates the context, the language used, the imagery involved in a clear accessible way.

“Water into Wine is the result of what Stephen Verney describes as ‘a sort of love affair with St John’.  John’s gospel has interacted startlingly with the events of the author’s own life, and , as he reflects on eighteen episodes from this gospel, he encourages his readers to embark on their own similar journeys of discovery.” – From the book blurb 1995 ed.

This book has helped me go deeper into the person of Jesus, his life, his ministry though the writings of St. John, as I’ve spent time contemplating the illuminating episodes that Verney reveals.

Although currently out of print, copies of this book can be found on abebooks.co.uk for as little as 99p.   I have purchased and given away dozens of copies of this book, if you can get a copy – treasure it.

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  1. I feel exactly the same way. It is a book to treasure indeed. I have given away many copies as well–and lent a couple that were never returned. But it appears to be back in print as of 12 June 2015. Look on Amazon.UK and search for Stephen Verney.

    I can never read this book without feeling a sense of grief at never having known the man.

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